Four Ways the Christian Worldview is Telling Your Story

Everyone has a worldview. Our worldview is how we make sense of and interpret the world around us. If you aren’t sure what your worldview is you might find out by asking yourself questions like: “Where did the universe come from?” “How do I decide what is true?” “Is our existence simply material or is … More Four Ways the Christian Worldview is Telling Your Story

The Seduction of Progress

The Seduction of Progress I’ve always loved technology.  From watching the Jetsons as a kid to ordering an iPhone at midnight as an adult, I’ve always been drawn to the new and improved.  That is certainly how everything is packaged today. Newer is better. Period. As clearly as the sky is blue, the newer is … More The Seduction of Progress

Why I Serve

Dear Christian College Student: Though we may have never met, I want to encourage you using my story of college and post-college. It is my hope and prayer that the Lord would use my story to give an honest perspective to students who are deciding whether or not to work a secular job or enter … More Why I Serve

The Holiday Hangover 

We all know the feeling. In the weeks (sometimes months – looking at you, people who play Christmas music in September) before the holiday season, we are inundated with the message that this is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year. There are celebratory lights lining every street, photos of laughing families sent on … More The Holiday Hangover 

The Broken Instrument

The Broken Instrument The door swung open as I entered my room. My backpack hit the floor as my body slumped into the bed that’s been calling my name for days. I didn’t even bother turning on the lights. Darkness and silence – the setting perfectly portrayed my present feelings. I reflected on the long … More The Broken Instrument

An Engineered God

The Heart Issue: Idolatry There is a pretty average joke that goes something like this: “How do you tell if someone is an engineer?” “Don’t worry, they’ll tell you anyway.” The joke does not get more than a small laugh, but it reveals something that Scripture already teaches: knowledge can puff us up. I can … More An Engineered God