Discipleship Resources

Top Ten Priorities in Discipleship

1.      Treasuring God: that God would be the center and focal point in all they do

2.      Gospel Relevance: that they would live out the application of the gospel for their daily life

  • Hearing the  Music of the Gospel ArticleKeith Johnson provides a wonderful picture of spiritual transformation where we are carried along by the rhythm of God’s Spirit through his Word, in contrast to the mechanical dance steps of behavioral change.
  • Heart Idol StudyAn article, worksheet, and questions to discuss the idols we worship over Jesus.
  • All of Life is RepentanceAuthor Tim Keller shows how the life of Christ is produced and seen in us through a lifestyle of repentance and humility.

3.      Spirit-filled Life/Dependence: that they would understand and live out daily dependence on the Spirit

4.      The Word: that they would learn how to study the Word and to allow it to change them

5.      Prayer: that they would learn why and how to pray and grow in their practice of prayer

6.      Eternal Perspective: that they would be living for the eternal

  • A Biblical Portrait of Heaven & Hell ArticleThe Bible has a lot to say about both Heaven and Hell. Author Byron Strider gathers all of the biblical data and relates his findings in a very readable way.
  • Eternal PerspectiveLiving with an eternal perspective is about living for those things that will last forever. Viewed from heaven, what will we wish we had done during our time here? Roger Hershey explains this eternal mindset that is essential to living for Christ today.

7.      Evangelism: that they would know how to share their faith, and consistently step out in faith to do so

8.      Love: that love would increasingly be the marker of how they relate to God, people, and the world

  • One Another’s StudyThe following New Testament passages shed important light on the nature of our relationships as believers.  They help us see how the gospel transforms the way we relate to “one another” in Christ.

9. Multiplication: that they would learn how to multiply their kingdom impact through discipleship

10. Being sent/ World View-:

There are obviously more than 10 issues to discuss… these are some other issues we considered including:

  • What is God’s Will for my Life? – David Platt discusses how God’s will for our lives is easily found in the Bible.
  • Stewardship of Money This article is about faithful stewardship of the financial resources God has entrusted to us.
  • Purity Discipleship StudyLook at 2 verses and discuss God’s heart for purity while also getting to some of the harder questions to ask.
  • Adam Bomb Article for women from the Fantasy book regarding modesty for women and how to honor God in relationships with men.
  • The Growth ModelThe growth model for our ministry is a description of four “developmental tasks” that every person has to go through on the road to a healthy adulthood.
  • Time Management Read an article and fill out a Time Management worksheet to see how they are best using their time.
  • Spiritual Self AssessmentGet to know your disciple as they assess where they need to grow.
  • Discipleship Goal and Planning SheetHelp your disciple evaluate their time and what they are trusting God for.

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