Fall Getaway

Fall Getaway is a perfect weekend to get away from campus. It is a time of making new friends, having tons of fun, and connecting with God and each other. This year we will have group of high quality speakers that includes Craig Cody. Craig is a local pastor who was a missionary in china for 10 years. We are looking forward to having him and others point us to core gospel truths from the Bible this weekend! Make sure to bring your note book because you won’t want to miss what Craig and others have to say! 

Registration is open for Fall Getaway 2019!

When is it? October 4-6.  Registration begins at 5:30pm on Friday October 4 and the last session ends at 12:30pm on Sunday October 6.

How much is it? The cost is 40$ for Freshman and international students and $60 for everyone else. If you’re thinking about not coming because of the cost, please do no hesitate to ask David Stickel (david.stickel@cru.org) about scholarships!

Registration is open for Fall Getaway 2019!

What do I need to bring?

  • Friends!  Anyone is welcome!
  • Bedding (a sleeping bag or blanket/sheets, and a pillow)
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Some warm layers… it may get a little crisp in the mornings and evenings
  • Bible (if you don’t have one, we can give you one when you get there)
  • Notebook/ Pen
  • One extra pair of clothes that can get dirty (you never know!)
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Flashlight

About the camp

It’s a beautiful camp one hour away in Decatur called Camp Warren with big trees that should be starting to change colors!  There’s also a lake, fields, and woods to explore!

Rides and Directions

Once you register we will know you are coming and we will coordinate a ride for you. We’ll send out an email the week of the conference to let you know if you are driving/who you are riding with.


Camp Warren
4225 Camp Warren Lane
Decatur, IL 62521