Cru at the University of Illinois

Whether you know Jesus or are just intrigued and want to explore who He is, Cru is a place to come, explore, and grow.

We all long to be known and loved. We strive to be a community where you can come and experience both. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead. That changes everything. Read more about what we believe at

Here at Cru we want to help you…

Embrace the gospel personally

If you are around Cru for even just a little while, you may hear us say the word “gospel.”  What is the gospel?  The gospel means good news: the good news that though our sin separates us from God, Jesus has provided a way back to God in a reconciled relationship. The gospel means we have access to God relationally.

Hear Melissa share about embracing the gospel personally

Experience the gospel together

We have been made for community. It’s a crucial aspect of being human. Through our relationships in the body of Christ we grow and we experience the gospel in ways we would never be able to otherwise.

Our small group Bible studies are a great place to dive into a tight-knit community and study God’s Word together. Whether you are new to reading the Bible or enjoy studying theology in your free time, this is a place to come and grow together.

We gather as students from all across campus each Thursday to worship, be taught from the Bible, connect with each other and connect with God.

Every year we have a Fall Retreat, a Winter Conference, and Spring Break trips.

Extend the gospel to others

God has created you with a purpose and we want to help you live that out. Developing the ability to care for others in the midst of daily life is the main arena we want to help you do this in but we also offer domestic and international mission trips over spring break and summer to help you grow and stretch yourself.

Get Involved

Fill out this online survey and one of our leaders will get in touch with you about Bible Studies and other events.